N Charlotte Scion owners love the reliable and sporty Scion tC!

Toyota of North Charlotte had the pleasure of interviewing Olivia D., a North Charlotte Scion owner. We sat down with Olivia and asked her a few questions about her ownership of a 2011 Scion tC in N Charlotte. Here’s what she had to say.

Toyota of North Charlotte: How long have you been a Scion owner, and why did you choose the tC?

NC Scion tc for sale

Olivia: My parents first purchased a Scion tC for my sister when she was in high school, back in 2005. I liked hers so much, that I eventually bought one myself. The tC has a great design. It’s sporty but not too small. The spoiler on the back is really cute.

ToNC: What’s your favorite design feature of the Scion tC?

Olivia: I really love the moonroof. It’s awesome. It blends in with the roof of the car and looks like one giant piece of glass. My friends used to think the whole roof was glass. It allows for extra head room for my boyfriend and a really pretty view of the sky. Oh; and I like my spoiler on the back too.

ToNC: How’s the performance of the car so far?

Olivia: It’s really great! Even though the car sits pretty low to the ground, it drives so smoothly. I have pretty long commute to work and sometimes I feel like the car drives itself. It feels really sporty! I just love that.

ToNC: On your long drive to work, how do you think the gas mileage is?

Olivia: Well, considering I only fill up once a week or so, it does a lot better than my last car. I had to fill that up every 4 days. I can get a little over a week of driving on one tank. I definitely think of this as a bonus.

ToNC: If you ever had to change something about your Scion tC, what would it be?

2013 Scion tC near Charlotte

Olivia: Hmm…. I think I’d upgrade my seats to leather. While the fabric has been durable, there’s just something about leather that would make it look even nicer inside.

ToNC: Well, you’re in luck! The 2013 Scion tC comes with leather-trimmed interior! We can take for a test drive later.

Olivia: Awesome! I can’t wait to see the 2013.

ToNC: You’ve made it pretty clear you love your Scion tC, but if you ever had to sell it to someone, what would be your top selling point?

Olivia: It’s a sporty coupe at an affordable price. I just graduated from college, so I didn’t have a ton of money to spend on my dream car. For someone who wants safety and sporty, this is definitely to car to go with. I think the Scion tC was my dream car all along. Can we test drive the 2013 now?

ToNC: Sure! Let’s go.

As you can see, we have Scion owners here in N Charlotte like Olivia who love what they drive. Right now we have a great selection of used Scion tC cars and other models. If you’re looking for a brand new Toyota in N Charlotte, the 2013 Scion tC is a great option. Like she said, sporty and safety are two great features to have. Come and see our N Charlotte Toyota dealership today, right off I-77 in Huntersville!