How to avoid buying a lemon when shopping for a used car

You can always count on our used car dealership in Charlotte to offer you quality used vehicles; however, not everyone can be trusted. Whether you’re searching for a pre-owned car from a private seller or a car dealer, you don’t want to end up buying a vehicle with more hidden repair costs than its worth! Committing to a pre-owned vehicle with a history you barely know anything about can be daunting. The key to avoiding a lemon is knowing how to inspect a vehicle properly and what warning signs to look out for.

Avoid lemon used cars

Used car dealership in Charlotte helps you spot a lemon!

Like we said, you can be sure you’re getting a quality used car in Charlotte; however, if you’re planning on shopping elsewhere we want you to be able to avoid buying a lemon. The last thing you want when buying a Charlotte used car is to inherit problems from the former owner. We’re sharing advice to follow when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle!

Check the exterior

Charlotte used cars

The first thing you should do before choosing a vehicle is take a close look at the exterior. Check for dents, scratches, chips in the paint, cracked windows and broken lights. You should also be aware of bad auto repairs such as mismatched panels, hoods and trunks that don’t close properly and paint touch-ups. Check for any rust, as this is a huge no-no that can leave you with a large repair bill!

Examine the interior

You can also spot a lemon from the inside of the vehicle. First, check the overall condition of the cabin. You can typically notice if it hasn’t been cared for by signs such as missing knobs and buttons, a cracked dashboard, sagging seats and other broken components. If you smell mildew, it could indicate the vehicle has a water leak or has been flooded, which means walk away!

Take a test drive

It’s always important to take a used car for a test drive before buying it. This can reveal warning signs you may not be able to see. Pay attention to any noises you hear and the handling of the vehicle. If your instincts are telling you something is wrong, you’re probably right!

Ask for a vehicle history report

A vehicle history report compiles information from many different sources to give you comprehensive information about the vehicle’s history. This includes past auto repairs, accidents, locations and number of owners. Too many titles and repairs should be a red flag. Our Toyota dealership offers a vehicle history report with every used car in Charlotte – all you have to do is ask!

Buy your Charlotte used car from a reputable auto dealer!

Our last piece of advice is to buy your pre-owned car from a reputable dealer such as Toyota of N Charlotte! With our high standard, you can be sure to get a vehicle that’s going to last and that you can be proud of.

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