Fourth Generation N Charlotte Toyota Prius spied!

Since it was first released, the N Charlotte Toyota Prius has been a huge hit all over the world! Although it’s still successful and continues to capture driver’s hearts, it’s due for a makeover and is set to get one in 2015! Now, everyone is eagerly anticipating the reveal of the fourth generation Toyota Prius near Charlotte, but we still have a while to wait.

Until then, we found something to hold everyone over. A glimpse of the redesigned 2015 Toyota Prius was spied recently in its early stages of testing. Although it was heavily camouflaged and probably still has a long way to go, it gave us a hint to what this new Toyota near Charlotte will be made of!

What’s to come for the N Charlotte Toyota Prius?

As hybrid vehicles continue to evolve to become more stylish and efficient, so does the Toyota Prius. The 2015 model is expected to take Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte to a whole new level! Let’s take a look at what the exclusive photos found and what we expect to see in the future:

  • 2015 Toyota PriusThe shape of the camouflaged vehicle looked very similar to the current model, but we can’t be sure that this is how it’ll stay. Earlier reports have speculated that the new generation will retain some of the current shape to retain its iconic look, but will change to give it a more youthful and stylish appearance!
  • Although we can’t tell from the looks of it, this new hybrid is predicted to contain a lithium-ion battery. These batteries are becoming more popular in the auto industry and would improve the vehicle’s efficiency even more because of its lightweight design.
  • The inside was even spied, and though it was also highly camouflaged, it’s said to be very similar to the interior design of the Lexus CT 200h! We don’t know for sure whether this will stick, but we definitely suspect the interior will become more refined and functional!
  • Another rumor going around is that the new generation will include all-wheel drive. This would improve handling for drivers and make it a little more versatile for everyone’s driving needs.
  • We also cannot see this in the photos, but of course everyone expects the new model to have enhanced fuel efficiency! It has been said that it will get about 60 combined mpg, which will be a significant difference from the estimated 50 combined mpg the current generation model receives.
  • One of the best things about this new Toyota is that it might be produced in the United States. Producing American-made cars is important to Toyota, and we know it feels great to have a vehicle that’s made a little closer to home!

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new Toyota in N Charlotte

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