N Charlotte Toyota Prius c named Greenest Car of the Year!

Toyota of N Charlotte is no stranger to green vehicles, since we have a variety of eco-friendly new Toyota available on our lot! Toyota is known for its hybrid vehicles – especially the members of the N Charlotte Toyota Prius Family! In fact, when the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy made their list of Top 13 Green Cars for 2013, every single member made the list with the N Charlotte Toyota Prius c coming in first place!

new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte

The N Charlotte Toyota Prius c is as green as can be!

When you think of new Toyota hybrids near Charlotte, it’s likely you’re going to think of the original Toyota Prius because it’s so popular. However, when it comes to fuel-efficiency the Toyota Prius c performs even better. This hybrid wasn’t chosen as the number one Greenest Car of the Year by default, this title is well-deserved as it has a fuel efficiency rating of 53 city mpg! This added fuel efficiency is made possible mostly because of its compact size and the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive under the hood!

Another advantage that this new Toyota has besides being green is that it’s affordable. With a starting MSRP just under 20K, it’s nearly 5K cheaper than the N Charlotte Toyota Prius! This makes it a great option for anyone who wants a hybrid vehicle without paying too much!

Check out the rest of the Toyota Prius family in N Charlotte

Like we said before, this family of hybrid vehicles dominated this list with every single member including the Toyota Prius, Prius v and Prius Plug-in placing! Each one of these new Toyota hybrids is a great option for anyone who is looking to save some money and the environment at the same time! Although all of them have fuel efficiency in common, they’re each a little different and have their own unique offerings.

  • new Toyota in NCPrius: This is the most popular and iconic model! There’s a reason it continues to be the best-selling hybrid in the world – actually there are a lot of reasons! This new Toyota has amazing fuel efficiency with an estimated 50 combined mpg. Also, just like with like Goldilocks said, it’s just right! It’s the perfect size to be a family vehicle or just for a single driver.
  • Prius v: This vehicle is for anyone looking for a little more room in their hybrid. Although it looks a lot like the original model, you can’t help but notice all of the extra cargo space you get in the back – 50 percent more to be exact! It also gets great fuel efficiency with an estimated 42 combined mpg!
  • Prius Plug-in: This is definitely the smartest and most efficient member of this family of hybrids! It can run completely on electricity and can even get 95 mpge! Once it runs out of electricity, there’s no need to worry because it’ll automatically shift to hybrid mode and give you amazing fuel efficiency with about 50 combined mpg!

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