Spend less money on gas in 2014 with our new Toyota hybrids!

The New Year will be here in just a few days and we’re all trying to think of ways to make it even better than the previous one. After all, that’s that New Year’s Resolutions are for! If you’re planning on buying a new Toyota in N Charlotte to drive into 2014, we can already tell you you’re going to have a great year ahead of you! Wouldn’t it be great to save some money too? We can help you do this with our new Toyota hybrids near Charlotte! With a new hybrid vehicle, you can drive into 2014 in style and safe a ton of money on gas!

New Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte

Pick the N Charlotte Toyota Prius for the New Year

As the years go by, vehicles continue to get more and more fuel efficient, but none compare to our new Toyota hybrids – especially the N Charlotte Toyota Prius! It’s the number one selling hybrid vehicle in the world, so how could you go wrong? This success can be contributed to many different factors it has to offer including its incredible fuel efficiency, iconic design, family-friendliness and more!

  • Toyota Prius in NCFirst, the 2014 Toyota Prius is incredibly fuel efficient with a fuel economy rating of 50 combined mpg! This puts this hybrid car in the lead when it comes to fuel efficiency in its class. When you can get this far on a gallon of gas, you can save a boatload of money and time at the pumps!
  • This new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte doesn’t just get by with its fuel efficiency, as it has much more to offer including its iconic style. Whoever said hybrid cars can’t be stylish must have not seen this Toyota hybrid! It has a sleek and aerodynamic style you can’t miss or take your eyes off of!
  • It’s a common misconception that vehicles have to be compact to get great fuel efficiency. The Toyota Prius in N Charlotte proves this wrong, as it’s super spacious inside to fit up to five passengers comfortably! Its hatchback design also allows for a ton of cargo volume, so you can fit everything you need in the back without a problem!

Don’t forget, this new Toyota hybrid is just one option from the Toyota Prius family in N Charlotte! That’s right folks – there are more models to choose from including the Toyota Prius c, Prius v and Prius Plug-in! Each of these hybrid cars has something different to offer, making it a piece-of-cake to find one that fits your needs in the New Year!

Find even more new Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte!

The Toyota Prius lineup is just a glimpse of the hybrid vehicles we have to choose from at our Toyota dealership! We have plenty more fuel efficient cars to pick including the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid and Toyota Avalon Hybrid! Come check out our entire selection and find a hybrid vehicle that’s right for you!

We’re located at 13429 Statesville Rd. right off I-77 on exit 23. We’re open late on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! Contact our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 to set up an appointment today!