New Toyota in N Charlotte cater to senior drivers!

Many people continue driving well into their senior years. Just because a driver is a little older in age doesn’t mean they can’t continue driving. However, it can be a challenging for senior drivers to do some of the simple things like get in and out of the vehicle smoothly or turn their head far to see behind them. Unfortunately, not every senior is driving a vehicle with feature that can assist with these problems. Luckily, our new Toyota in N Charlotte have some great features that cater to senior drivers to give the comfort and functionality they need. recommends four new Toyota!

If you’re a senior driver and wondering which vehicle will accommodate you best, Toyota of N Charlotte can help! Four of our new Toyota were named by as best cars for older drivers including the N Charlotte Toyota Avalon, Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Highlander!

What makes these new Toyota so friendly for elderly drivers? chose these vehicles based on:

  • Toyota Avalon near CharlotteAccess – It can be hard to get in and out of a vehicle when the seats are low and odd shaped. The seats must be easy to access for the less limber.
  • Visibility – Like we said before, we know it can be hard for seniors to turn their heads enough to see all around them, which is why it’s important for the vehicle to offer help with visibility.
  • Front-seat comfort – Everyone wants a seat that’s going to be comfortable, but it’s especially important for seniors to have one that’s going to give them the support they need.
  • Driving position – Many new Toyota offer multi-way adjustable seats to allow drivers to set their seat to best support them!
  • Controls – Driving with arthritic hands can be difficult, which is why a thicker steering wheel, large knobs and power operated features could be very useful for senior drivers.

New Toyota in N Charlotte make drivings easy

Now that you know what’s required for an ideal vehicle for senior drivers, you can understand why our new Toyota in N Charlotte are perfect for the job. These vehicles not only meet these guidelines, but they go above and beyond with the amazing features they offer.

  • The Toyota Avalon and Toyota Highlander in N Charlotte offer a ton of safety features that make it easy to stay out of harm’s way including a backup camera, which makes it possible to see what’s behind you when in reverse without turning your head. They also offer Blind Spot Monitor, which alerts you when there’s a vehicle you may not be able to see when switching lanes!

New Toyota Highlander in N Charlotte

  • The Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Camry offer incredible comfort with an eight-way adjustable seat to set to your personal preference. The driver’s seat also has great lumbar support to make those long drives easy for anyone!

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