New Toyota trucks place in Top 10 Best Working Man Pickups!

The N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra have been a long-time favorite for pickup truck enthusiasts. Although some people may love having a truck because of how it makes them feel with its size, strength and amenities, others rely on their truck for work purposes. This includes people who use their trucks every day for hauling big loads, towing heavy items and more. No matter what you need your new Toyota truck near Charlotte for, you can be sure the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra in N Charlotte can do the job! These two new Toyota were even named in AutoGuide’s Top 10 Best Working Man Pickups!

new Toyota Tacoma for sale

N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma is small but strong

As compact pickup truck options continue to disappear from the truck segment, the N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma is still standing strong with no sign of going away. This is not because of luck that this new Toyota continues to be a fan-favorite. Truck lovers demand this truck because it has so much to offer! If you don’t have a need for maximum power and want to opt for a more affordable and fuel efficient option that can still get the job done, this is a great choice! Although it’s not as grand as the Toyota Tundra, it still has all of the capabilities you need to get through your work day!

  • This truck offers a powerful 4.0L V6 engine with a robust 236 hp and 266 lb.-ft. of torque! This is definitely enough power to help you with any job!
  • No truck is complete without four-wheel drive, which is what this truck has. Not only does it have four-wheel drive, but it has it on demand, which means you can turn it on with the turn of a dial while in motion, so you never have to stop in the middle of a job!
  • This vehicle is made to withstand any high pressure situation, as it’s built with an eight-cross member frame! This heavy-duty frame has all of the strength and reinforcements you need when out on the job!

Toyota Tundra in N Charlotte takes on the toughest jobs!

The Toyota Tundra is the toughest pickup truck of them all, as it has all of the hauling and towing power you need! If you need a new Toyota truck that’s going to be able to take on the toughest jobs, you’re going to want the Toyota Tundra!

  • new Toyota Tundra near CharlotteIt gives you the choice between three different engines including a 5.7 V8, 4.6 V8 or 4.0 V6 engine depending on just how much power you need. No matter which choice you make, you’re going to have one hefty engine!
  • It also has amazing towing capabilities and to prove it, it even towed a space shuttle last year! Although you probably won’t need to tow a space shuttle any time soon, at least you know it can handle your trailer or anything else you need to tow!
  • It even comes with a TOW/HAUL mode, which will help you get your job done in an effective way. This mode will not only protect your vehicle by extending the use of the lower gear ranges, but it’ll also increase acceleration, engine braking and pulling power!

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