Scion Racing finishes the 2012 season strong!

Like Toyota, Scion also has its own racing team. The Scion Racing Program may not be as well-known as Toyota Racing Development, but here at Toyota of N Charlotte we love to keep up with what Scion has been doing! The N Charlotte Scion lineup may not strike you as a family of race cars; we even think you’d be surprised to learn which race each car participates in. Scion Racing goes all over the world with its cars to compete in Rally Races, Formula Drift, Time Attack and Drag Races. But first, let us explain each of these races.

2013 Scion xD

Can you guess which Scion competes in each race?

  • Rally race

A rally race is typically an off-course off-road race with plenty of obstacles. It’s based on speed and agility of the car to be able to hand rough terrain. Can you guess which Scion competes in this race? It’s the unsuspecting Scion xD! The N Charlotte Scion xD is a sporty four-door that many of our customers love for its versatility. Apparently the same goes for the Scion Racing team! Internationally, the Scion xD held the top spot for most of the season!

  • Formula Drift

The Formula Drift races were born here in America, and continue to be a popular sport among car enthusiasts. It combines time and style; meaning the cars must handle the course with their own flair. The two cars that participate in Formula drift are the: Scion tC and Scion FR-S. The 2013 Scion FR-S in N Charlotte has made quite the splash with our customers as it did at the Formula Drift races this year. The Scion FR-S finished eighth in the 2012 season!

  • Time Attack

Time attack is basically a time trial. The driver pushes the pedal to the metal to see how fast they can complete the course. The new Scion for this job is the Scion tC. Our customers love the 2013 Scion tC in N Charlotte; especially the Release Series 8.0! The Scion Racing tC finished first place in two races this year!

  • Drag Races

Most people can imagine a drag race – but how about a drag race in the Scion xB? This is the car Scion Racing uses for drag racing! It’s definitely not something we automatically think of when we take customers for a test drive in the N Charlotte Scion xB, but it’s done incredibly well this racing season! While the Scion xB isn’t what you’d picture for a race, the team proved it only matters what’s under the hood and who’s in the driver’s seat. The Scion xB pulled off multiple wins!

Scion FR-S

Take a Scion for a test drive today!

Scion Racing has its eyes on even more first places finishes for the 2013 season! Toyota of N Charlotte is wishing them all luck and safe travels. We are excited to keep up with how the 2013 Scion FR-S will do in its second season of Formula Drift racing.

You may not be a race car driver, but you can own the 2013 Scion FR-S in N Charlotte! Head down to our dealership and come check it out! We are located in Huntersville, right off of I-77. We hope to see you soon!