Toyota and Lexus make up nearly 70 percent of hybrid sales!

If you own a N Charlotte Toyota Prius or any other hybrid vehicle, you’re part of a worldwide movement! Toyota and Lexus are fueling this movement  with almost 2 million hybrid vehicles sold combined out of the 5 million sold globally. This means that almost 70 percent of hybrid sales are from these two sister companies alone! With nearly 20 hybrid options offered between Toyota and Lexus, it’s no wonder why everyone’s jumping to buy one of these vehicles!

Toyota Prius for sale

N Charlotte Toyota Prius leads the pack

With the Toyota Prius as a part of its lineup, it’s fair to say Toyota is a leader in the hybrid movement. To prove this, the Toyota Prius is actually the world’s best-selling hybrid. With about 50 mpg combined, this new Toyota in N Charlotte gives the best fuel efficiency than any other passenger car available in the U.S.! Throughout the years, this car has become an icon for hybrid vehicles and Toyota continues to grow its brand by adding more options to the Toyota Prius family in N Charlotte! Now there are four models in this lineup of hybrid vehicles including the Toyota Prius, Prius v, Prius c and Prius Plug-in. Each one of these new Toyota offer something different that cater to the needs of a variety of consumers.

To keep the Toyota Prius in N Charlotte running efficiently it uses Hybrid Synergy Drive, which allows it to use a gasoline motor and an electric motor in combination or alone. This new Toyota also maximizes efficiency by offering four driving modes.

  • Normal mode is the vehicle’s standard setting before switching it to any other mode you want to use.
  • Power mode is used when accelerating faster to give the vehicle a more sporty feel by increasing the sensitivity to throttle.
  • ECO mode controls the throttle and even the air conditioning settings to give you the best fuel efficiency!
  • EV mode allows for driving on battery power alone for about a mile at low speeds before switching to another mode.

New Toyota hybrid lineup in N Charlotte continues to grow

In the past you might have had to give up some of the features you wanted in a vehicles to own a hybrid, but this is certainly not the case anymore! Toyota of N Charlotte now offers an extensive line of hybrid vehicles to fit anyone’s needs. Now some of our most popular new Toyota come in a hybrid version giving you the the vehicle you want with all of the looks and features you love and the fuel-efficiency you need! These hybrid vehicles include:

  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • Toyota Avalon HybridToyota Camry Hybrid near Charlotte

When you see a vehicle like the Toyota Prius, you can probably automatically assume it’s a hybrid because of its iconic style, but with these new options you can have the look of a gasoline-only vehicle with all of the efficient perks of a hybrid.

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