Toyota of N Charlotte takes a look back at the Toyota Supra!

While everyone is raving about the N Charlotte Scion FR-S sports car, which is a part of Toyota’s sister company, we think it’s important not to forget about the sports car that started it all for Toyota – the Toyota Supra! The Toyota Supra was one of the most iconic Japanese sports cars and was produced from 1979- 2002. The last generation Toyota Supra had a powerful turbo engine that supplied 320 horsepower and 315 lbs.-ft. of torque, making it a dream car for sports car enthusiasts! Although this new Toyota has gone away, it left a lasting impression in everyone’s minds.

Toyota Supra

Toyota of N Charlotte dreams about a Toyota Supra comeback

There have been plenty of rumors flying around about the Toyota Supra making a comeback, but we still don’t know for sure whether these rumors are true. This has us wondering what would the successor of this vehicle would be like? With the reveal of concept cars like the Toyota FT-HS, which was revealed at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, many people are speculating that the new Toyota Supra will be a hybrid sports coupe! This certainly makes sense, since we’re known for our new Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte.

It was even announced that Toyota is working with BMW to co-developing a new “environmentally-friendly” sports car, which is an even further hint to the return of the Toyota Supra! This new Toyota isn’t expected to be unveiled until 2017, but we’re excited to see what these two companies come up with and can’t wait to offer it at our Toyota dealership near Charlotte!

N Charlotte Scion FR-S takes the spotlight!

N Charlotte Scion FR-S Although we’d love the Toyota Supra to make a comeback, we already have an incredible sports car is available right now! Since the release of the Scion FR-S, this new Scion in N Charlotte has been causing a lot of excitement among sports car enthusiast. This is because it has so much to offer including:

  • Affordable price: The Scion FR-S has made owning a sports car affordable with a starting MSRP of only $25,225 for a manual transmission and $26,355 for an automatic transmission. What’s even better is that it comes standard with all of its features, so you don’t have to worry about paying any more to get the features you want!
  • Sleek design: This vehicle looks like a true sports car with the sleek and stylish coupe design. It stands out with its 17-inch alloy wheels and dual exhaust to make its presence known. Not only does the exterior look good, but it also helps it reach high speeds with superior aerodynamics!
  • Powerful capability: The engine on this sports car produces 200 horsepower and 151 lbs.-ft. of torque to give you all of the power you need to hit high speeds. You can take this vehicle on a joy ride on the streets or take it to the tracks to smoke the competition!
  • Amazing Handling: The handling on this new Scion is what makes it really stand out from its competitors. With its rear-wheel drive which makes turning corners fun, front-mounted flat boxer engine which creates a lower center of gravity and performance-tuned suspension which enhances control, this vehicle gives an exciting and lively driving experience!

Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to check out all of our new Toyota and Scion. You can take any of them out on a test drive today and experience them in person! We’re located off I-77 on exit-23. We hope to see you here soon!