Toyota of N Charlotte tips for detailing your car!

If you want your vehicle to look like it’s new again, our auto service professionals at our Toyota Service Center in N Charlotte can detail it for you. They know exactly how to clean your car and make it look pristine. Detailing your vehicle isn’t as easy as it seams, as it takes a lot of time and skill to make it look as good as new! However, if you want to try to do this on your own, we can help you with a few tips.

Auto service in Charlotte

How to detail your car like a Toyota of N Charlotte pro!

If you want your vehicle looking spic and span, it’s not enough to just take it through a car wash to clean the exterior and do a quick vacuum. Our Charlotte auto service professionals can clean every small crevice to get all of the dirt and grime out! That’s why it’s called “detailing”– it’s all in the details! Here are some tips for detailing your vehicle on your own:

  • Charlotte auto serviceStart with the interior, so you can get all of the dirt out without it sticking to your clean exterior. Clear out everything that’s inside including your floor mats and give your interior a good vacuuming. Make sure to vacuum under your seats by moving them all the way forward and back. You can also vacuum the dashboard.
  • Vacuum your carpet floor mats outside of your car and rinse off your rubber floor mats with high pressure water. Then hang them to dry while you finish cleaning your interior.
  • Clean the interior surfaces with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. You can use a can of compressed air to get the dirt out of the small crevices in your center console and a cotton swap for the air vents. Wipe all of your windows and with glass cleaner for fewer streaks.
  • If your fabric seats have dirty spots, shampoo it and blot it with a damp sponge. Worn leather seats can be touched up with dyes or high quality shoe polish. Make sure to match the exact color of your seats.

After cleaning the inside, you want to make the exterior look like it’s new too! First, wash your vehicle with a car cleaner – don’t forget to wash the wheels. Then, you’re going to polish the outside with wax for that shiny appearance. Lastly, make sure your tires are clean and apply a gloss finish.

Toyota Service Center in Charlotte goes the extra mile

You can do all of this work yourself, or you can get auto service in Charlotte and let our professionals do it for you! We’ll go the extra mile to make your car spotless! We can even do things you can’t go at home like buff out exterior scratches. You can also get your routine auto maintenance while you’re here!

Bring your vehicle in today to see what we can do for you! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Rd. just off I-77 on exit 23. You can call out Toyota Service Center at (888) 378-1214 to set up an appointment. Also, don’t forget to ask about our auto service specials!