Toyota reveals customizable new Toyota a child can drive!

At Toyota of N Charlotte we have a wide selection of new Toyota to fit all different audiences. We have the Scion FR-S for sports car enthusiasts, Toyota Tundra for the truck lovers, Toyota 4Runner for off-roaders and more! However, one audience we don’t have a new Toyota in N Charlotte for is children. Toyota is looking to change this as they recently revealed the Toyota Camatte57s concept car. This vehicle is uniquely designed to be customizable and enjoyed by both children and adults!

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New Toyota Camatte57s brings cars to kids

This isn’t an entirely new concept for Toyota, as the Toyota Camatte concept car was revealed last year at the Tokyo Toy Show. However, Toyota took this previous idea to a whole new level with the new concept car. One of the biggest differences between the old and new model is that the original model only catered to children and the new model lets everyone in on the fun! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the Toyota Camatte57s.

  • N Charlotte Toyota Camatte57sAs indicated in the name, this vehicle is made of up 57 interchangeable panels that can be used to customize the vehicle’s color and style. With all of these panels, there are infinite possibilities to what it could look like!
  • This vehicle is designed to bring children and adults together to bond over their love of cars and creativity. It would also give children a better understanding of how cars work and an early start to learning how to drive.
  • It might sound a little scary to have your children drive, but there’s no need to worry because this new Toyota has a second set of brakes and steering controls in the passenger seat, which would allow the adult to take control when needed.
  • Although it’s for kids, it looks like it could be a real-life car – just smaller. It has a sporty, open-top coupe design, so no matter which way you customize it, it’s sure to look cool!
  • The Toyota Camatte57s wouldn’t be built for the streets, as it isn’t meant to hit top speeds and we don’t advocate children driving on the roads. This vehicle would be more suited for recreational purposes like go-cart riding and practicing driving in an open area!

Find a new Toyota in N Charlotte just for YOU!

We don’t expect this concept car to hit dealerships any time soon and while it seems like an entertaining activity for you and your children, what’s more important to us is helping YOU get around. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we have a variety of new Toyota for you to choose from that’ll give you an exciting driving experience because we believe adults can have fun too! Once you choose the perfect vehicle for you, you can even have your own customized car by choosing the color and features you want!

Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to find out more about our new Toyota! We’re located off I-77 on exit 23. You can also check out our entire inventory on our website and call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 with any questions!

What do you think about this concept car? Would you let your kid drive it?