Toyota talks of producing new Toyota Prius near Charlotte in North America!

You might have heard that the new Toyota Prius c is the greenest vehicle available in the automotive market right now, and exciting news surrounding the N Charlotte Toyota Prius family is only continuing! In the future, it’s possible that the new Toyota Prius might be manufactured in North America. In the past year alone, around 236,659 were sold in the United States. Clearly, this eco-friendly transportation option is capturing the attention of drivers all across the nation, and we’re excited to make it available to you at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership! Why do so many people love driving this vehicle? The better question might be why wouldn’t you want to drive it!

Caring for the environment has never been easier

hybrid new Toyota for sale near CharlotteOne of the first, and probably obvious, reasons so many drivers gravitate towards getting the 2013 Toyota Prius in N Charlotte is because of its eco-sensitive technology. Featuring the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive technology underneath its hood, this hybrid new Toyota releases fewer toxic emissions into the air, so you can start-off on your road trip feeling guilt-free! Of course, the fact that this Hybrid Synergy Drive technology lends towards incredible fuel-efficiency can’t be ignored, either! Getting around 51/48 mpg, you’ll love getting to your destination faster since you won’t have to take as many pit-stops to re-fuel your vehicle! Drivers of this auto also love the starting MSRP of $24,200, and the fact that they have more than one trim-level to choose from. Perhaps part of why so many people love getting inside this vehicle, though, is the fact that its very design provides more than a jaw-dropping look. The very structure of this transportation option helps it achieve that much-loved and much-enjoyed fuel-efficiency!

Every part of the 2013 Toyota Prius near Charlotte works for you – on and off the road!

N Charlotte Toyota PriusThe aerodynamic shape of the new Toyota Prius in N Charlotte helps it achieve that high mpg. How so? The front and rear bumpers aren’t just on this auto for curb-appeal – they also help lower the wind resistance! Even the type of lights and their placement on this hybrid new Toyota near Charlotte help contribute to the reliable transportation it offers. The LED daytime running lights have a specific design that not only helps make this new Toyota visible to other vehicles, but also helps reduce power consumption. Every detail in this auto seems to work together to help provide an economical ride without diminishing its luxurious look and feel. Even when you’ve stopped the journey for a lunch break, this hybrid ride still works to keep you comfortable. The high-tech Solar Roof has solar panels that power a fan, which keeps the interior of this vehicle a more comfortable temperature when it’s parked in direct sunlight!

You truly don’t have to stress about your journey or the environment when you have such as sophisticated hybrid auto like this! Come and see us today to experience how your life and trips are made easier when you drive this eco-friendly transportation option! Call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 to schedule a test-driving appointment today!