Two new Toyota in N Charlotte have cheap cost to own!

When shopping for a new vehicle, it’s not enough to just look at the price tag to see where you’ll get the most value. Although the initial cost of a vehicle is important, finding one that’s going to give you the best value and bargain for your money in the long run is key! looked at a variety of compact to midsize vehicles and took a list of cost into account to find out which vehicles were the cheapest to own over a five year span. The results? The Toyota Corolla and Toyota Matrix in N Charlotte came in first and second place!

Toyota Matrix in N Charlotte

When calculating the cost to own for these vehicles, took into account costs including fuel, taxes, maintenance and insurance, along with sales price. This means that these new Toyota near Charlotte will give you the best bang for your buck because they’re reliable, cheap to fix, fuel efficient and affordable to buy!

N Charlotte Toyota Corolla gives great value!

This isn’t the first time the N Charlotte Toyota Corolla has been called a great bargain. It’s been known for its value and low price to own since it was first released. What gave this new Toyota such a great reputation?

  • new Toyota Corolla for saleReliability: This new Toyota in N Charlotte has always been a reliable form of transportation. It was well known for its durability from the beginning, which is what even gave Toyota the great reputation it has today! To back up this claim, 80 percent of these vehicles bought within the last 20 years are still on the road today. This means you don’t have to worry about buying another vehicle for a long time once you buy this new Toyota!
  • Low auto maintenance cost: Since this vehicle is so reliable, it brings your auto repair costs down dramatically. It feels good for you and your pockets when your vehicle isn’t always in the repair shop! Also, when you buy a new Toyota in N Charlotte, you’re covered by ToyotaCare, which takes care of your routine auto maintenance for FREE for up to 2-years or 25,000-miles, whichever comes first!
  • Affordability: Of course the first thing you’re going to notice when it comes to the cost to own your vehicle is the sales price. You don’t have to worry about this with the Toyota Corolla because it’s extremely affordable! It has a starting MSRP of only $16,230, which means you’ll have a low monthly payment on this brand new vehicle.

Toyota Matrix in N Charlotte provides affordability

The N Charlotte Toyota Matrix gives drivers great value for many of the same reasons. It’s dependable, so it’ll last you for a long time and save you a ton of money on auto maintenance. This new Toyota is also very cheap to buy, as it has a starting MSRP of just $19,275! Another reason it’s so economical is because of its incredible fuel efficiency. This vehicle has a fuel economy rating of 26 city and 32 highway mpg, which will save you a significant amount of money at the gas pumps!

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