Visit our Car Service Center in N Charlotte for a quick oil change!

As part of our New Year’s Resolutions, we’ve vowed to get our oil changed on a regular basis and to keep up with the check engine light! We encourage all of our N Charlotte Toyota customers to do the same. It can make the difference on the wear and tear of your car over the years. You don’t want your new Toyota near Charlotte to not last as long as it can.

Take care of your Toyota – it’s an investment!

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Purchasing a car is an investment, and keeping investments take work. Getting your car serviced and having regular oil changes in N Charlotte are part of the investment plan. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we have a Car Service Center right on site! You can come in, visit us, have your oil changed quickly in one of our four quick oil change pits and be on your way!

The reason why many customers don’t pay attention to regular car service is because they don’t understand what it means for their car. We are here to help inform you about what your car needs done and why. We can’t stress how important it is to get your oil changed. With a few examples of what can happen, we are sure you will keep your car on a regular schedule!

The oil in your engine is what keeps your car going. The oil is to your engine as water is to your body — it’s that important! Driving accumulates dirt all over your car; if you don’t wash your car regularly you could damage the paint. Just as dirt collects on the exterior of your car, it collects under the hood. There is of course, an engine filter. This filter helps get the dirt out of your oil, keeping your engine running smoothly and without friction. However, oil filters clog allowing dirt to flow into your motor oil.

Oil changes are important to the life of your Toyota!

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Also, as your oil is going through you engine everyday it loses additives. Motor oil has different chemicals in it to keep it clean like detergents. Some motor oil even has anti-rust properties. After too many miles, these helpful chemicals will be so broken down they can’t do their job to protect your engine anymore.

Oil is a lubricant; add in dirt particles and you wind up with a thick, oily sludge. This is not effective at running your engine smoothly. The reason you put oil in your engine is to rid the motor of friction so it’s more efficient. You should also note that friction creates heat. Heat on metal parts is not good – they can melt together. If you don’t get regular oil changes in N Charlotte, the oil can cause friction in your engine and cause it to melt together. This is what our Toyota technicians at our Car Service Center near Charlotte call a “seized engine”. If this happens to you, you’re looking at a brand new engine.

The consequences of skipping regular oil changes in N Charlotte are probably more severe than you’d imagine. We take our cars for granted because we drive them daily, but we need to remember to take care of them – they are a big investment!

Keep your car in shape by taking it our Car Service Center in N Charlotte! We are fully equipped to handle any type of repair as well as fast oil changes! We are located in Huntersville, off of I-77 exit 23. We look forward to helping you!