How can you get the most for your used car trade-in in Charlotte?

When buying a new vehicle, most people trade-in their used car in Charlotte or sell their vehicle privately for some extra money. Either path you choose you’re going to want to get the most money you can for your vehicle. We’re always prepared to offer you top-dollar for your trade-in at Toyota of N Charlotte; however, to ensure this you may want to prepare your vehicle. The more attractive your vehicle is to prospective buyers, the more money you’re money likely to receive for it.

Charlotte used cars

Prepare your Charlotte used car to make a good first impression!

First impressions can make a huge difference on the resale value of your Charlotte used car. This applies when you trade-in and sell your vehicle privately. It’s easy to get your vehicle ready for resale, as even small improvements can make all the difference! Here are some of our tips for preparing your vehicle for trade-in or sale:

  • Make sure it can perform: Everyone wants a used car that looks good; however, looks are irrelevant if the vehicle can’t perform. Although we don’t suggest you put too much money into your vehicle before getting selling it, you should make sure all of the routine auto maintenance is up-to-date. This includes getting an Charlotte oil change, checking the air pressure in the tires and topping off all of the fluids.
  • Take care of small auto repairs: If your vehicle has any broken bulbs or scratches on the exterior, it might be a good idea to fix them before putting it up for sale. These may seem like small problems, but are likely to discourage potential buyers. They’re quick, easy and affordable fixes, so be sure to take care of them!
  • Clean your car: This advice sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t clean their car before selling or trading it in. Clean your vehicle thoroughly inside and out, as looks can make a huge difference on the first impression your vehicle makes. Clearing out the clutter shows how much care you put into your vehicle and can help potential buyers envision the car as theirs.
  • Gather your paperwork: When selling your used car, you may want to have all of your paperwork ready. This includes service records, which can prove to buyers how well you’ve kept up with the routine auto maintenance. It might also benefit you to get a vehicle history report. If you have nothing to hide, this can work in your favor.

Get rid of your used car with a trade-in at Toyota of N Charlotte

If you need the money from your old car to help pay for your new ride, you’re going to want to do a trade-in in Charlotte. We can give you a free cash offer for your vehicle and help you find a Charlotte used car to drive off our lot today!

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