New Toyota concept car reveals the future of design

It’s no secret Toyota has been looking into expanding its sports car lineup, as it released the N Charlotte Scion FR-S just a few years ago and announced plans to create additional sports cars. Just yesterday, Toyota revealed a big surprise at the 2014 North American International Auto Show – the new Toyota FT-1 concept car! Although just a concept vehicle, it represents the direction Toyota is taking in regards to style, which is more passion and excitement! This means big changes are coming to our new Toyota in N Charlotte and we can’t wait to see what happens!

new Toyota in N Charlotte

Toyota of N Charlotte explores the new Toyota FT-1 concept car

Although the Toyota FT-1 concept car looks to the future of design, it also pays homage to past Toyota sports cars, including the Toyota 2000GT and Toyota Supra! It gives you a glimpse of the classic sports car, while pushing the boundaries with a forward-thinking style. Here are some of the details:

  • Toyota sports carThis new Toyota has a sleek shape that gives the appearance it was carved by the wind. This not only gives it a unique look, it also adds to its performance, as it was designed the enhance aerodynamics and improve engine performance at high speeds.
  • This concept vehicle stands out with its bright red exterior color and exudes high performance with a rear wing that pops up when hitting high speeds. This helps boost handling and stability.
  • There’s no specific information available about the equipment under the hood of this new Toyota near Charlotte; however, we know it doesn’t include a hybrid powertrain. Although Toyota has been working on a hybrid sports car, this concept car is meant to show off a more traditional side.
  • The interior provides a race car atmosphere and is super functional with features such as a heads-up display and easy-to-use steering wheel mounted controls. The no-fuss design and these high-tech features are meant to keep the driver’s attention on the road and experience at hand.

The Toyota FT-1 may look and sound like a high-end vehicle, but it was designed with affordability in mind, which is something Toyota always strives for. This means if this new Toyota was to hit our Toyota dealership in N Charlotte, it would be available at a practical price!

Take this new Toyota in N Charlotte for a virtual drive!

We don’t know when or if the Toyota FT-1 concept car will be available to the public. Until then, you can take it for a spin virtually in PlayStation3’s Gran Turismo 6! This concept vehicle will be available as a download in this game on January 14 and will demonstrate the high-performance a production model would be able to achieve!

NC Toyota sports cars

We hope to see the Toyota FT-1 at Toyota of N Charlotte in the future; however, you can check out the options we already have available today! If you want an affordable sports car, come take the Scion FR-S for a test drive! We’re located right off I-77 on exit 23 in Huntersville. Call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 for more information.