Catch up on car maintenance before heading back to school!

Fall will be here before you know it, which means it’ll be time to head back to school! It can be a crazy time getting ready to head back to the classroom. Buying new clothes, school supplies, and backpacks; organizing the carpool, and of course figuring out a schedule to keep up with practices and rehearsals!

One thing to keep in mind when preparing for the Schoolpocalypse is to have your car serviced! This is especially important if you’re going to be doing a lot of driving for the next couple months, or if you’re sending your kid off to college in a car! Have a better school year by starting it off with basic car maintenance! Our Toyota Service Center technicians recommend taking care of these car maintenance needs before hitting the books again!

Back to school to tips!

Keep up with car maintenance under the hood!

  • Check, drain, and refill fluids! Bring your college kid’s car to our auto service center in Charlotte to have our expert technicians inspect the fluid levels in your car and determine whether they need a fill-up or need to be replaced with new fluids!
  • Change the oil! Have a routine oil change to ensure no old oil is going to gum up the works of your car! This is one of the most important car maintenance services to have regularly.
  • Have the battery tested! Our auto service technicians suggest having your battery checked or replaced every two to three years. Nothing is more frustrating than running late because of a dead battery. Make sure your car will start every morning with a strong battery (maybe have the spark plugs replaced too!)

Visit our Charlotte auto service center before fall!

Car maintenance in Charlotte

Another important Charlotte car maintenance tip is to have your tires checked! Too low or too much air pressure in the tires can cause uneven wear in the tires and eventual imbalance. Imbalance can lead to the need of an alignment or new tires! Have our Charlotte Toyota service techs take a look at your tires and fill them up or balance them if need be!

Get new windshield wipers in Charlotte! Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the rain will stop! If your windshield wipers don’t work like they should, skip across the glass, or are dried out and cracked, have them replaced with new ones from our Toyota Parts Department! Find new, affordable wiper blades and then have them installed by our friendly technicians!

Before you start taking your kids back to school, or send them off to college, make sure to keep your vehicle organized, clean and don’t ignore warning lights! By keeping your car in tiptop condition, you’re more likely to stay safe and keep your car on the road for thousands of miles to come!

Fall is coming, so be prepared with the right Charlotte car maintenance! Visit our auto service center to have your car fully inspected and serviced! We’re located at 13249 Statesville Rd., just off of I-77 at exit 23!