Charlotte car maintenance prepares you for winter woes!

Charlotte auto repair

Winter time is a beautiful time of the year when the world around you transforms into a winter wonderland! Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and cross country road trips are probably some of the activities you associate with this time of the year. Another important activity that is considered, but not considered enough, is winter car maintenance […]

Are you due to replace the timing belt in your car?

Charlotte auto repair

Your car is a complex masterpiece of machinery! Just the engine alone contains many important components that must work together to function properly. In order for these components to do their job, a working timing belt must be included! Not many car drivers know the components that exist under the hood, let alone the timing […]

Learn about the function of the serpentine belt and when to replace it!

Charlotte car repair

Proper care and maintenance of your vehicle will help prolong its life! One of the important Charlotte auto parts that reside inside your vehicle is the serpentine belt. This makes up a huge component of your vehicle, yet not many people understand that or take notice. More of than not, this part can give out […]

Toyota of N Charlotte helps you prepare an emergency roadside kit!

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The holidays are approaching quickly and people are beginning to plan their holiday road trips! If you plan on escaping the confinement of your city for something more rural and relaxing, then you better be prepared! Our N Charlotte Toyota service center tech’s cannot reiterate enough how important it is to have an emergency roadside […]