Before you perform DIY auto repair, make sure you’re prepared!

diy maintenance

If you’re trying to save money, you may be tempted to perform Charlotte auto repairs by yourself! While it is possible to maintain your car yourself, it is best if you bring it in to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for affordable auto service. Our expert technicians can fix, replace or repair anything you […]

Save money and don’t miss a regular wheel alignment!

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You know to get your tires rotated and balanced, and replaced when they’re bald- but do you know it’s also to get a wheel alignment? This auto service is crucial to extending the life of your tires and making your ride much smoother. While this service doesn’t need to be done as regularly, it’s important […]

Your fuel pump may need Toyota service, don’t ignore the signs!

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Do you have trouble keeping track of all those small parts on your new Toyota near Charlotte? There are many parts that you don’t often think about possibly needing repair or replacement. One of these auto parts is the fuel pump. Fuel pumps may sound boring, but they are  crucial auto parts that your new […]