Should you let your car idle?

car idling

Our team at Toyota of N Charlotte knows that you do your best to keep your car in tip-top shape. However, did you know that there are things you may be doing to your car that may severely harm it? That’s right! One of them being car idling! Despite what you have heard, idling is […]

Car Tires 101

Charlotte auto service

We highly rely on our tires to get us through some of the roughest terrains. However, do you know how much it can handle? There are different car tires to handle different things, as well as to be the right fit for you ride. Our Charlotte auto service team has created the ultimate car tire […]

Car battery buying tips!

car battery

You just got behind the wheel of your ride, you turn on the ignition, and nothing. Your car just won’t turn on! What’s happening? Most likely your car battery is dead! This is unfortunate, but it’s an easy fix. Visit our Charlotte auto service center to get your battery checked out. Our certified technicians can […]

Car leak guide from our auto service team!

Charlotte Toyota Service tips

Have you ever had that concerning moment when you walk up to your car and you find a puddle underneath it? What is it? Where is it coming from? Don’t worry! According to our auto service technicians, not all leaks are that serious. When you experience a car leak, we highly recommend visit our Charlotte […]

Prep for pets with Toyota parts!

Toyota parts for your pets

If you’re anything like our team, you enjoy taking your fur pal with you anywhere that you can! However, your pet probably sheds a lot of fur, likes to jump around in the car, and enjoys sticking their head up to the window. Bringing your pal along can also leave your car with taints from […]

Do you know what to do if you get a car tire blowout on a road trip?

car tire repair

With summer on the horizon you probably can’t wait to get out of town and explore! Whether it’s with your family or your friends, our Charlotte auto service center wants to remind you to be safe while on the road. That’s why we always recommend getting your car inspected from bumper to bumper to ensure […]