Our Toyota Service Team helps you prep your car for towing!

Towing tips from our Toyota service team

Do you plan on using your powerful car to tow? At our Toyota dealership near Charlotte we have a wide selection of efficient towing vehicles. However, did you know that aside from having towing capabilities there are proper ways in which to prep your ride for a towing? If you don’t properly install your tow […]

Celebrate Fall Car Care Month with our Toyota Service team!

Car tips from our Toyota Service center

Keeping up with your car maintenance can be time consuming and involves some work. That’s why October is Fall Car Care Month! It’s a whole month to remind car owners everywhere the importance of keeping up with your car’s routine maintenance. There are things that can be done at home to keep your car in […]

Our Toyota Service Center Can Help With Your Tire Rotation Questions!

Toyota Service Center in Charlotte

Keeping your car in routine maintenance is the key to having a smooth riding car. One important routine maintenance check is tire rotations. Well-kept tires help improve gas efficiency, performance and longevity of your tires and car! It’s crucial to have it regularly checked. If you don’t really know what a tires rotation is, how […]

Visit our Toyota Service Center before Sipping and Strolling

N Charlotte Toyota Service

Are you going to this year’s 6th Annual Sip and Stroll: Art and Wine Festival at the EpiCenter? Its two days filled with entertainment, art, fun and enlightening seminars. It can be the perfect date for two or a fun evening out with friends. Wander through the art booths for a chance to meet and […]

Don’t Let the Cold Creep in Without Visiting the Toyota Service Center!

Charlotte Toyota Service Center

One of the perks of living in a mountainous area is the front row view to all four season! Watch as it displays the wonderful warm colors of spring, the bright hot summer, the fall foliage and white mountain tops of winter. However, when you live in an area that faces such extraneous weather you […]

Toyota Service Steps to Upgrading Your Truck’s Exhaust

Toyota Service Center in Charlotte

Want to show off your truck’s strength? It’s already got the power and all it needs is a little more oomph! With a few modifications it’s very achievable. A common and easier upgrade within cars and trucks is a new exhaust system. It can improve the truck’s efficiency and make it sound as powerful as it […]