Get your used car ready for a road trip

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Are you taking your Charlotte used car for a road trip this year to get a little leaf-peeping in? Maybe you’re planning a holiday vacation to see family and friends, or maybe you really just want to get out of town and hit the slopes. Regardless, it requires preparation on your part! You never want […]

Drive a rad used car back to school!

Charlotte used Toyota

Summer is almost over and you’re gearing up to head back to school for the fall semester! However, how do you plan on getting to and around campus with your much-needed college gear? We have the solution for your new school year at our Charlotte used car dealership. We have some of the best, most […]

Save on a used car for summer!

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With holidays and summer just around the corner we bet you’re probably making all sorts of plans. Exciting plans and maybe adventurous trips? Do you have a reliable car to take with you on these adventures? In order to ensure you’re traveling safe, get behind the wheel of an affordable and reliable car. When you […]

Spruce up your Charlotte used car for some summertime fun!

Charlotte used car tips

Have you put your car through the ringer this year? Trading in your car for a new ride sounds great, but isn’t always feasible sometimes. Whether you’re keeping your used car because of your budget or you truly love it, our Charlotte used auto dealership has some great tips for sprucing it up this summer! […]

Feel fresh in a Charlotte used car this spring!

Cheap used SUV

It’s time for a good spring cleaning! If your old ride can’t be brought back to life with a good scrub down then perhaps it’s time to trade it in. Start fresh this spring in a Charlotte used car. Our Charlotte  used auto dealership has a great selection of used vehicles to fit everyone’s style. […]